Becoming Unlimited was founded on the belief that men and women have an unlimited potential to make of themselves whatever they choose; their only limitations are self-imposed. The lives of many successful people point to the value of personal desire, self-motivation, direction and determination as the ingredients of success. Success, as we define it, is the progressive realization of a set of predetermined worthwhile personal and professional goals.

Becoming Unlimited helps people realize more of their potential by setting goals and reaching them according to their own plans and abilities. Our task of  preparing people to meet the challenges of leadership is approached through  attitude change. Our programs inform, motivate, inspire and encourage  participants to achieve their personal and professional goals, thereby, helping  them grow as people and as leaders.

Since motivation serves as the catalyst for productive behavior change, it is important to understand the various types of motivation. Fear and incentive, the most common types of motivation used at home, school and in business, have   proven themselves to be temporary and self-defeating. Fear motivation, based upon punishment, may work for a while, but people who are its target eventually rebel against it or walk away from it. Incentive motivation is based upon reward  and desire. Since people’s desires change constantly, incentive motivation is unstable, therefore, its results are unpredictable.

Becoming Unlimited’s method of motivating people by facilitating a productive change in attitude does not depend upon outside pressure or temporary attraction. Attitude motivation comes from within.

Since attitudes are habits formed through repeated exposure to ideas or behavior, self-defeating attitudes can be changed by using the same fundamental learning process that formed them — spaced repetition. Becoming Unlimited’s leadership programs systematically foster the development of self-confidence by helping participants achieve short-range goals which lead to the achievement of more challenging long-range goals. By doing so, participants discover that they have the power to effectively manage their personal and professional lives, thereby, enabling them to direct their destinies as they become unlimited.


Becoming Unlimited assists companies in achieving their key business objectives by helping them maximize the return on a single line of their balance sheet — their human resource portfolio. BU’s strategy involves equipping its highly qualified human performance specialists with powerful motivational and performance engineering technology. Interventions typically include diagnostics, 360 degree feedback, change management and an overall integration of human resource strategies and processes with the organization’s business objectives.

Today’s business leaders realize their company’s success or failure will be determined by how effectively they manage and develop their people. They realize that profits and growth are about performance and that performance is about people.    As such, their goal must be to ensure that each individual is delivering full value to the organization while enjoying a sense of personal and professional fulfillment.

Becoming Unlimited offers a wide assortment of individual, team and organizational  solutions to today’s business challenges while helping organizations create the culture of productivity they need to succeed.


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