Becoming Unlimited is uniquely qualified to work side by side with the business world’s most talented contributors, coaching them to higher levels of professional performance and personal satisfaction. Why?

Because at its very essence, Coaching involves helping individuals and groups change key attitudes, behaviors and processes aimed at achieving personal and professional goals. Only clinically trained, experienced professionals have the full complement of competencies necessary to succeed in this most demanding work. These competencies include:

1. Advanced rapport building skills and techniques to quickly establish trust and confidence in the coach and in the process
2. Diagnostic acumen
3. A keen eye for irrational, self defeating behavior and the intervention methodologies required to neutralize it
4. The ability to neutralize, harness and channel resistance to the change process
5. Systems thinking and causal analysis
6. Emotional intelligence combining psychological sophistication with a humanistic orientation
7. The ability to creatively restructure conflicts to achieve goals
8. High impact and accelerated behavior change methodologies
9. A deep understanding and appreciation of motivational dynamics
10. Patience and the genuine desire to help others in a selfless way


Becoming Unlimited utilizes the above competencies to provide value-added services in the following areas:

I. Training For Guaranteed Measurable Results

All of our firm’s training and development capabilities are built on a platform of multisensory learning which maximizes motivation, organizational impact and return on investment. They emphasize strategies for increasing personal responsibility while improving the attitudes, behaviors and processes of employees impacting targeted business objectives. Evaluation criteria are developed prior to training and applied throughout the process. Spaced Repetition ensures the achievement of specific predetermined goals. Productivity improvements are sustained through personal and peer accountability.

BU provides training for guaranteed measurable results in the following areas:

* Effective Personal Productivity
* Effective Communication
* Effective Personal Leadership
* Effective Management Development
* Effective Team Development
* Effective Motivational Management
* Effective Supervisory Management

II. Culture Transformations

Our firm uses a combination of confidential interviews and a psychometrically derived Organizational Culture and Organizational Effectiveness Inventory that prescribes targeted action strategies. This method generates rich, motivationally powerful and actionable findings.

BU then guides the organization through the following six step change initiative designed to build high performance organizations that are value and values driven.

1. Diagnose the problems and build a solid case for change
2. Coach the leadership team to generate maximum motivation and energy
3. Create a bold vision and a strategy for achieving it
4. Align the organization by building consensus and commitment
5. Implement the strategy by launching a broad initiative focusing on a number of organizational levers
6. Monitor and refine the change initiative as necessary to ensure the achievement of desired outcomes

III. Development and Self Actualization Projects including:

* Leadership Development
* Management Development
* Development of High Potentials
* Development of Technical Professionals into Leaders

IV. Troubleshooting and Fix-It Projects including:

* Derailment Prevention
* Prematurely Plateaued Contributors
* Unwanted Exit Prevention
* Relationship Breakdowns
* Mental Health Issues

V. Seminars and Workshops

Available topics include:

1. Strategies for increasing employee loyalty and commitment
2. Improving interpersonal communication to enhance organizational productivity
3. Stress management strategies for personal and professional empowerment
4. Enlightened leadership through personal responsibility
5. Leadership styles and their role in shaping organizational culture
6. Increasing organizational productivity through early intervention with unproductive employees
7. Time management strategies for increasing personal productivity
8. Substance abuse issues and intervention strategies
9. Strategies for preventing violence in the workplace


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